Digital Strategy

Conducting any form of digital marketing without a good sound digital marketing strategy underpinning it is akin to placing a Ferrari badge on a Hyundai I30!  You’ll still get some sort of a result, but nothing like the result you could have gotten from having an actual Ferrari. The Ferrari here is a well thought out digital strategy.

Companies used to be able to frolic freely in many of the online channels and get some results. However, the landscape is now far more competitive and the customer is in full control of the buying research and decision.

This is why you need a strong well-developed digital strategy, one that will drive the desired long term business results.

Digilari takes a comprehensive approach to digital strategy. In that we leverage data and integrate all your digital touch points so that you can identify which digital medium generates the most business value, and how all channels contribute to the overall results.

In concojunction to this we build data-driven frameworks and statistical modelling.  Thus helping you define your strategic objectives and develop strategies that make the most of the digital channels available to achieve your goals.

Analytics and insights

Inbound and automation

Media channel optimisation

analytics and insights

Diminishing returns analysis

Digilari will analyse historical data to identify the tipping point of diminishing returns to help you optimise your media spend across multiple digital platforms.

Attribution modelling

Attribution modelling provides information about user interaction with channels and assets, and how much each channel is worth for investment decisions.

Tag management

Getting the right data is essential for analytics. With our tag management service, you can have access to exact data relevant to your key metrics and KPIs.

Visualisation and insights

Data visualisation cuts through complex data and brings you actionable insights, helping you unlock the power of digital initiatives for strategic goals.

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inbound and automation

Lead generation

Knowing your customers is key to success. We help you build fictional, generalised representations of your ideal customers for acquisition and retention purposes. Through lead generation, we lead your content strategy and execution, leveraging unique experience in lead nurturing campaigns, to attract and convert the right qualified prospects.

Campaign automation

Supported by our data-driven frameworks, we use automation as a smart and cost effective way to get connected with prospects and customers. We combine web analytics data with behavioural customer data to identify user journey pain points, followed by personalised emails to grow your business and gain customer loyalty.

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