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Inbound Marketing simplified

You already know that buyers have changed. They are more proactive in looking for answers to solve their issues. They avoid salespeople until they are confident with the outcomes. In other words, they are now in control. The question is, is your marketing strategy built to tackle the change?

In this new age of marketing, marketers are expected to do more. Attract more site visits. Deliver more leads. Convert more prospects. Learn new technology. Monitor different channels. Manage to grow in a more complicated landscape.

However, there are things stable over time. They are psychological steps involved in problem solving. No matter what platforms they use, the way people look for answers to address their problems remain unchanged. If you can provide an answer to your customer’ questions, you are one step closer to their hearts.

The process of creating answers, or content, to address the problems and needs of your ideal customers at every stage of their buying journeys is inbound marketing. At Digilari Media, we develop strategies rooted in inbound methodology and focused on quality, relevant, helpful content that naturally draws buyers in. That’s how we help you attract, convert, and close.

Inbound Marketing Methodology

how we approach inbound marketing

Strategy DevelopmentContent MarketingTraffic & Lead GenerationCampaign AutomationSales & Marketing AlignmentPerformance Reporting

Digilari takes a comprehensive approach to inbound strategies. Companies have been going digital for years; but the landscape and customer expectations are different now. That is why you should build a strong foundation, a well-developed inbound strategy, to achieve desired long term business results.

This step kicks off with the basics: business research, market research, and competitor research. We collect information and learn everything about and around your business. Furthermore, we also determine current state of your website and marketing, identify areas that need improvement and can benefit from inbound activities.

We leverage data and integrate all your digital touch points so that you can identify which medium generates most business values, and how all channels contribute to the overall results. We build data-driven frameworks and statistical modelling, helping you define strategic objectives and develop strategies that make the most of digital assets to achieve your goals.

All the above data will be used to build your buyer personas, determine available resources, and develop a detailed roadmap to achieve your business goals.

Tale as old as time, content has been the backbone of all the activities since the very first beginning of marketing and advertising. In the digital world, the art of storytelling must be taken to the next level to tap into customers’ emotions and love. Why? Because they are engaging with your content long before starting a conversation with you. As such, content marketing is your chance to deepen your relationship bond with customers.

Digilari specialises in creating remarkable content that helps you engage, entertain, educate, and enrich your target audience in different buying cycles. Even better, we produce content that supports the improvement of long tail organic traffic for long term cost reduction.

Knowing your customers is key to success. We help you build fictional, generalised representations of your ideal customers for acquisition and retention purposes. Through lead generation, we lead your content strategy and execution, leveraging unique experience in lead nurturing campaigns, to attract and convert the right qualified prospects.

Supported by our data-driven frameworks, we use automation as a smart and cost effective way to get connected with prospects and customers. We combine web analytics data with behavioural customer data to identify user journey pain points, followed by personalised emails to grow your business and gain users loyalty.

The efficiency of your marketing pipeline directly impacts the sales team’s ability to hit their quotas. By working backward to identify the number of qualified leads a sales rep needs to make their quota, we can determine the number of leads your inbound marketing system needs to generate.

Your sales team is also an excellent source of content ideas as they interact directly with leads and customers. Crafting content that helps answer the questions they’re regularly asked helps them to sell more efficiently and keeps your information standardized across your entire sales team.

When sales and marketing work in alignment you increase your flow of quality leads and close more customers.

You will be eager to know how your content is performing. So will we.

Based on your specific business objective outlined in the content strategy, we will work with you to break it down to smaller elements, then define relevant measurable metrics and KPIs that match different target stages of customer journeys. Grounded by data, we provide you with comprehensive reports about the return on objectives that you are looking for.

Ready for inbound? But first, let's evaluate your current digital ecosystem.

Inbound Clients We Work With

For content-driven inbound marketing that generates leads and gets results, Digilari

is a trusted and proven option.

We work best with clients who market within ‘high consideration’ B2B selling environments.


Businesses with a B2B sales model


Typically 20+ employees

Selling environment

Best for products and services that have a medium to high purchase consideration journey from prospective buyers.

Scope of service

Minimum initial commitment is $2,500 per month, with most clients moving their investment up to between $4,000 and $10,000 per month in order to really drive their growth at pace.


If you’d like to learn more about our inbound strategy or discuss how we might be able to work together, get in touch with us now. Sean Brown, our Managing Director, will review your message, do some research about your organisation, and contact you soon.