Content Marketing

A strategic approach businesses EMPLOY to provide valuable, engaging and sometimes interactive information in an attempt to attract and retain a defined audience.  It is important to note;


The information needs to be relatable to the target audience, therefore the method involved in delivering your message can be as important as the content itself.

Definition Post: Markets are changing everyday and so are the tools, terminology, resources and strategies.  A Definition post is a great way to define and explain something new entering the Marketplace.


  1. Vlog (Video Blog)
  2. Blog article
  3. Facebook/Instagram Live/Snapchat Story

Interview: An Interview with an industry leader, current client/customer is a powerful way to provide insights into your industry or business.


  1. VLOG
  2. Podcast
  3. Facebook Post
  4. Email Newsletter

Guard Down Post: Develop a personal post about yourself and show some emotion to engage your target market on a different level, showing emotion is not a display of weakness.

  1. Monologue/Interview VLOG
  2. Blog Article

Issues Post: Select issues that affect your market or target audience and define the issue, provide insight on the issue and recommend a strategy to overcome this.  Design content around the issues affecting your marketplace.


  1. Vlog
  2. Blog article
  3. Social media post
  4. Landing Page
  5. Email Newsletters

Lists post: This is a simple post, list the tools/resources/strategies that your target market would find useful to assist them in your area of expertise.  Think of this as free advice, but remember don’t give away everything you know!


  1. Blog article
  2. Interactive video, demonstrating how to use the tools as well
  3. Interactive Facebook post (Post one tool from your list everyday for a week)

Answer Post: This is a great post to encourage engagement from your audience.  In this post you post a question and ask your audience to answer.


  1. Social media post
  2. Blog article (audience posts in comments)
  3. Kwickie app (if your audience is on this platform)

Research post:Conduct your own research on an unknown or familiar topic in your area of expertise and report on your findings.  Try and make this a niche topic and really input your own opinion into the discussion of your research.  The audience don’t just want to read something interesting, as a specialist in the area they want to hear your opinion on the matter.


  1. Email Newsletter
  2. Blog article
  3. Informative and Interactive Vlog (Use a whiteboard to share and explain your findings)

Inspirational Post: Share an inspirational news story, extraordinary achievement, famous quote or even a clip from your favourite Rocky movie.


  1. Video Clip
  2. Social media post
  3. Blog article

Content marketing should be fun not boring, because if you’re bored so is your audience!

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Why Content marketing:

79% of marketers believe content marketing is very or quite effective

Over 80% believe it is measured through Brand Awareness and Engagement

In 2016 23% of the marketing budget was spent on content and in 2017 70% of marketers expect this figure to rise.

Twitter and Facebook dominated as the distribution platforms for content.

The most challenging aspects for marketers is providing enough resources to this area and continiuously coming up with creative and engaging content.

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