Want to Resolve Lead Generation and Pipeline Management bottlenecks?

Are you constantly challenged when it comes to online lead generation and CRM pipeline management? You are not alone!


As a Hubspot-certified Inbound Marketing agency, we work with clients to attract and retain high-quality leads by better aligning their Inbound Marketing and Sales Management activities.


Digilari’s goal is to provide seamless Sales & Marketing alignment by ensuring key sales and marketing stakeholders have complete pipeline visibility, clear lead identification and targeted content generation that achieves higher conversion results.

Why is Sales & Marketing Alignment Important for Lead Generation?

When sales and marketing teams work together, companies see 36% higher customer retention and 38% higher sales win rates-Hubspot 

At Digilari, we add value to Marketing & Sales teams and business leaders by helping you understand your clients, their expectations and providing solutions to earn their trust. 

We do this by setting up strong lead generation processes that incorporate easy to use CRM and Marketing & Sales Enablement tools. These processes drive impactful lead nurturing strategies that generate a high volume of better-qualified prospects in a scalable, predictable and repeatable way.  

How Can We Help You Get Better Qualified Leads?

Digilari will set up your Lead Gen toolkit. There are no upfront costs associated with tools’ usage and no long term commitment.

Three “Free Lead Gen Tools” We Will Implement For You

1. HubSpot CRM

2. HubSpot Marketing

3. HubSpot Sales

CRM Services that Create Introductions

  • Portal creation, CRM configuration and user permissions assignment;
  • Creation of custom properties for Contacts, Companies and Deals based on the sales process;
  • Creation of Deal Stages based on the Sales process for the first pipeline;
  • Importation of Database to HubSpot (Companies, Contacts, Deals).


Marketing Services that Measure Lead Quality

  • Installation of the HubSpot Tracking Code on the current website to collect traffic & conversion data and track website visitors;
  • Creation of a Lead Nurturing Funnel to capture leads (HubSpot Branded Pop-Up form);
  • Create and embed HubSpot forms.

Sales Services that Maintain Connections

  • Installation of HubSpot Sales Extension (Outlook Win/Mac, Chrome) for the Sales Team’s use;
  • Connection of the business inbox to the HubSpot CRM (Gmail, Outlook 365 or IMAP);
  • Setup signatures (HTML) for Sales reps in the CRM;
  • Configuration of meetings links for Sales Reps.

Sales Enablement Services

If you already have your lead generation processes in place, great!  Now take it to the next level with our OPTIONAL Sales Enablement service, that assists in creating your inbound growth strategy. Our lead magnet services convert one-time visitors into customers.

Here’s how:

1. Creation of Sales email templates with personalisation tokens

 3. Creation of Sales Sequences

2. Setup of Messages (Chat) tool in the current website

 4. Creation of Sales Sequences

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