Sports Marketing Solutions

If you are like most sporting clubs or associations you are no doubt constantly challenged in finding new sponsors and revenue opportunities for your club, if so it could be the perfect time to talk to Digilari about the right sports marketing solution for you.

Commit yourself to quality from day one… It’s better to do nothing at all than to do something badly.
– Mark McCormack

Does your club need to attract and retain more sponsorship partners?

Are you finding it hard to attract more sponsor partners?

Is your club or association struggling to achieve continued revenue growth?

We’ve seen these challenges firsthand, in working with a leading sporting Right’s Holder, we witnessed the massive disconnect between the membership base, the sponsors and the club marketing, which resulted in disjointed results across all fronts.

This type disconnect creates enormous financial pressure on the club. It rarely delivers the type of result the club needs in order to attract and retain long-term sponsor partners. In fact it tends to have the opposite effect, as when the sponsor evaluates the partnership they can’t see the value investing in the relationship at all. Hence they don’t sign, or worse, they don’t renew.

Whilst there is no silver bullet to fix this instantly, it doesn’t have to be this way forever and a day.

The sales and marketing alignment needs to start now. This is where we come off the bench and inject new energy, fresh legs if you like, into the game.

We are all aware that sponsorship partnes are crucial to the continued success and financial well-being of any sporting club or association, and as such, like the sports being played, it’s a highly competitive, winner take all, arena.

But like in all arenas, someone always wins. So why not you?

What is the Sports Sponsorship Marketing System?

Database Segmentation and Tracking

Fan / Buyer Persona Insights

Sales Enablement Processes

Social Media Footprint & Influencer Leverage

Promotional Campaign Management


Sports Marketing Flywheel

Proven Sports Marketing System

Our unique Sports Sponsorship Marketing System, has been specifically designed to tie the sponsorship partner program directly with the Rights Holders various databases, social media and marketing activity.

We do this by focusing on key elements in order to complete a multi-touchpoint strategy that works in a type of holistic flywheel methodology, where all data is connected and used to drive more effective campaigns, across commercial, sales and marketing.

In reviewing key elements from both the Rights Holder and current Sponsorship Partners, we have the opportunity to uncover many insights that will drive better results for you and your current sponsors.

Combined with Social Media Insights, we can then roll out similar processes for potential sponsor partners, providing more reasons why it makes sense to partner with your club.

Immediate Actionable Insights

We will work with you to further maximize your core sales and marketing assets in order achieve more effective activation alignment with you, your sponsor partners and potential future sponsors.  All with a fully systemised process that can be repeated season after season.

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Your Certified Partner

Digilari Media are uniquely positioned as a Google, Hubspot, and Bing certified partner marketing agency. This coupled with many years of hands-on experience with the many digital marketing channels available, we will play a pivotal role in you achieving the best results possible. But it generally just starts with a no-obligation discovery session and then we can determine what the next best steps are for you and your club. Come on, let’s do this.