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Who would have known that across 8 weeks of interning you can learn so much and be ‘accidentally’ hit with so many nerf bullets. From starting at Digilari I had a broad overview of digital marketing, what it was about and how everything worked. But learning alongside the fantastic team that is Digilari Media, I have further developed my skills across a broad range of theories and how to apply them. I was extremely eager to gain hands on experience and this internship has been that and more, from attending Google events to creating and designing newsletters I feel as though I have really furthered my understanding and skill set within the marketing industry.


Our first training day was the equivalent of a whole semester at Uni, they absolutely crammed the info in. I’ve had so many opportunities since I started at Digilari: going to networking events and Google Masterclasses, working on real campaigns, building web-pages, writing advertising copy and developing the Digilari blog. I’m absolutely loving the experience and have been learning so much about digital marketing.


We formed a partnership with Digilari back in June 2015 and I say formed a partnership because by becoming their client you need to form a good solid working relationship. As the company that manages your online presence it is important that Digilari totally understand your business so they can run a successful marketing campaign on your behalf. It is also important that they can talk to you about changes and current trends with online marketing. The guys at Digilari have made it easy to develop the relationship that makes it feel like our business has its own marketing department which is why we are happy to call them part of our team.

Narelle Murphy
Director, VideoData

Since embarking on our property development journey in 2015, our success has accelerated significantly through partnering in the Digital Media space. The partnership team at Digilari Media have effectively challenged, consulted and delivered outstanding outcomes in multiple channels for our property development business. Our recent sales success has been phenomenal, with 30% of our property portfolio sold in a 4 week period. Thank you Sean, Cuong, Jake and the team at Digilari Media, you are outstanding partners.

Andrew Rossi
Director, Olive Grove Property Development

We used Digilari to build our website, and we continue to use them to both manage it, and to assist us with our marketing needs. An excellent company of forward thinkers, always willing to lend a helping hand.

Steve Hughes
Course Manager, BLS First Aid

We have been with Digilari for over 2 years and have always been happy with their service. The team really listen and always go above and beyond to help in any way they can. I happily recommend Digilari!

Office Manager, Cosmetic Medicine Centre

For the last 2 years we have been impressed with our online results for our business since we started using Digilari. Thanks to Sean & crew I would high recommend their services.

Andrew Brain
Owner and Operator, Sids Doors

The team at Digilari have been very helpful with the process of starting our on line webstore. they are very quick in giving help when we need it and any other queries we have.

Zoe Smith
Sales Administrator, Malwood