Why Digilari

We believe in challenging conventional “wisdom”. We celebrate taking the path of the disruptor. We disrupt the norm by using endless creativity, our depth of knowledge and the ways of the entrepreneurial swashbuckler, delivering great results with Digital Marketing.

Digilari Core Values

Over Communication

We not only believe in complete transparency but we also believe in making sure our clients know and understand what we are doing for them and the outcomes we achieve with consistent regularity

Results Obsessed

There is nothing better than seeing a client get great results by our hand, more importantly we know how to celebrate these as a team, let’s face it, that’s the best part of success!


When you partner with Digilari you are assured that we are constantly hustling in order to blow you away with great results, we know to succeed in this business we need to be inspired by the hustle!

Be Remarkable

It doesn’t cut it to be just like the others, we know we need to be remarkable to achieve remarkable results and our ultimate game is to make you remarkable in your sector.

Learn and Move Up

The last thing you want is to work with an agency too scared to make mistakes, we aren’t afraid to try new things and learn quickly from our mistakes and ultimately create new opportunities from them

Work Life Integration

Relationships with our partner clients is hugely important to us, we know there are boundaries and great work comes first, with us we are in this together and we look forward to celebrating with you

Love The Challenge

We thrive on challenge, we want you to challenge us and make us better by doing so, then everybody wins, we learn more, we do more and you’ll win more, growth comes from taking on the challenge.

Long Game Thinking

In tech and in life, everything is changing at rapid pace as such we always ensure we are defining each strategy with the future in mind, our aim is to make you future proof and prepared for change.

Meet The Team

  • Sean Brown

    Managing Director

    Sean has been involved in Sales and Marketing for over 25 years. His background stems from the...

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  • Jake Gaw

    Account Manager

    Jake graduated QUT at the end of 2016 and launched straight into the Account management roll at...

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  • Cuong Nguyen

    Senior Digital Strategist

    Cuong /kwəŋ/ is a Professional Certified Marketer (PCM ®), specialises in digital analytics,...

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  • Trang Nguyen

    Digital Marketing Specialist

    If you know Hootsuite's logo, you'll understand the resemblance. Not just because of Trang's look,...

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  • Celine Rose Merto

    Social Media Specialist

    Celine is a creative and dedicated individual with a various set of skills whose true passion is...

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  • Roger Duran

    Web Developer

    Roger finished Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. He was actively involved in organizations...

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  • Matias Regis Jr.

    Copywriter/ SEO Writer

    Matias started to write in a local newspaper in Davao City, Philippines and had the chance to write...

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  • Diana Estrada

    Executive Assistant to the Managing Director

    Diana has been working as a administrative personnel for more than 2 years now in the Ecommerce...

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